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Psalm 25:2


2 O my God, ['elohiym] I trust [batach] in thee: let me not be ashamed, [buwsh] let not mine enemies ['oyeb] triumph [`alats] over me. KJV-Interlinear


2 O my God, in Thee I trust, Do not let me be ashamed; Do not let my enemies exult over me. NASB


In the first verse, we lift up our soul by adding doctrine into it, thus advancing ourselves toward a better understanding and orientation to God.

That leads to trust. We know God, we know His plan, we know this world, because we have learned what it is and what it is all about, and that leads to trust.

David does not ask for shame to never be a part of his life, but he asks that because of his lifted soul filled with wisdom, that means he will never be ashamed due to anything that God does or has planned.

Enemies of God are enemies of believers in Christ.

In this devils world, evil rules, or tries to rule, but God ultimately controls history despite the efforts of evil.

Triumphs of evil or those things that evil sees as its triumphs, are not really triumphs, but merely a training ground for believers to test their metal, so to speak.

The mature believer knows that God controls history. The mature believer knows that there will be bumps and problems along the way for his own life, but no matter.

Evil will try as it may, to destroy every person, every believer, ever Jew. First the Jews because God has made promises specifically for Jews. Second the believers, because God has made promises specifically for believers. And third, every human being, because Satan knows that as long as there are people, anyone can at anytime believe in Christ and thus be a threat to Satan's own plan for defeating God.

It will not be until the Tribulation and the last and final battle that Satan really makes his last ditch effort in destroying everyone. He will fail, but not before he has killed off over ninety-nine percent of the worlds population. A very small remnant, very small, will survive to be rescued and delivered by Christ at the Second Advent, and enter into the Millennium.

But we do not have to look to those types of extreme biblical events to find hope and trust.

Most lives are lived every day, with little or no publicity regarding each persons individual problems. We all have problems of one sort or another. We all have worries of one sort or another.

And, the naïve believer is the one who lacks trust due to the lack of knowledge, which is usually due to their disinterest in learning doctrine the correct way. Most folks simply presume that they know it all, and of course they do not.

Anyone who does not study daily, does not learn in an academic environment, is not taught by someone more knowledgeable than they, does not know and cannot know enough in order to have any level of spiritual growth, and therefore real trust.

Their trust is emotional and lacking is stamina and longevity. When the really big difficulties come along in life, and they will, that is when the mature stand out and the immature crumble.

As for the enemies of God and for the mature believer, no matter what is encountered in this world, the mature believer has a plan specifically designed for him by God, and that plan is eternal. The world can take advantage, can kick you around, can insult you, can be prejudiced against you, can hate you for any number of reasons.

But so what.

God cares and Gods plan will reign triumphant. The world will never win.

You will always have the last laugh so to speak, and you will be vindicated forever, when you get to heaven. After that nothing and no one can do anything against you ever again. Your eternal reward will speak for itself, while those who align with the world will have nothing by comparison.

The world will cheer for the moment, and you as a mature believer will win forever.

But of course mature believers do not come automatically, no one is self-taught nor self-made, they are constructed by God, by means of Gods spiritual process which you must follow. And you advance through this process by means of pursuing your daily studies of Bible doctrine while under the instruction of a legitimate instructor.

With this there is no shame, no sorrow, no failure, despite how the world looks at you or what it does to you.

Your soul looks to God, to your own personal destiny.

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End Of Lesson

Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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