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Psalm 25:9


9 The meek [`anav] will he guide [darak] in judgment: [mishpat] and the meek [`anav] will he teach [lamad] his way. [derek] KJV-Interlinear


9 He leads the humble in justice, And He teaches the humble His way. NASB


The meek, 'anav,' here refers not to cowardly, sniveling, whining types of people, but it refers to humble, poised, gentle, open minded and willing to learn, and willing to accept instruction types of people.

A large man who can be rough and tough, can be meek, just as well as some little girl or small person. Size of stature is irrelevant. Attitude and self-controlled behavior and willingness to listen and learn are everything.

Who can learn? Those who want to listen. Who can be taught? Those who want to learn.

Who cannot learn? Those who do not want to listen. Who cannot be taught? Those who do not want to learn.

God offers information. Gods information is truth.

Most people unfortunately are not interested in learning in the way that God teaches. They presume that they can learn everything they need, on their own and therefore are not interested in listening to anyone else, unless of course what someone says happens to interest them.

A daily study is inconvenient. An academic setting is the establishment. And people in general reject or are resentful of anything that resembles this approach to learning. They prefer to do, well, nothing. Because they know enough or they can figure things out for themselves, or what they already think they know, is good enough. These are not the meek.

The meek know that there is far more to learn than they will ever be able to learn.

The meek know that preconceived ideas or ritual habits are most probably misleading and wrong.

The meek have a thirst for knowledge. They seek and test and listen and sort out continually.

The meek let God reveal the truths of life, and do not impose their standards in an effort to force their interpretations.

All truth comes from God, and from no other source. The world is not a source of truth.

In order to learn truth, you have to learn from God. To learn from God, you have to learn in the way in which He teaches and in accordance with the process of His teaching. You cannot do it on your own.

In judgment, 'mishpat,' in the correct understanding of things, in the proper orientation of things to life and to reality.

God provides us with the information to be able to know and to discern between the real and the false of life.

His way, 'derek,' in the way in which God would have things go, which is the correct way, the right way, not in some delusional way or some way of pretense.

Mans natural tendency is to stray off on some tangent laced with evil or sin or disregard for truth. Even false tendencies of spirituality are invented conveniences to justify evil or sinful activities so as to make them more acceptable by society and life in general.

But when your desire for knowledge is legitimate and objective and when you are willing to learn as God teaches, then God will provide you with the right information, with the truths of life, with the correct directions for life, and you can be assured that God will not lead you astray, or deceive you, but will place your best interests ahead of those of the world or evil.

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End Of Lesson

Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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