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You must be in fellowship prior to your Bible study, so that the spiritual information you receive can become a source, of blessing to your soul and produce spiritual growth.

Psalm 25:12


12 What man ['iysh] is he that feareth [yare'] the LORD [Yahovah]? him shall he teach [yarah] in the way [derek] that he shall choose. [bachar] KJV-Interlinear


12 Who is the man who fears the Lord? He will instruct him in the way he should choose. NASB


The word for fear, 'yare,' means to fear morally, to revere, to frighten, to dread, to respect, to be terrible or troubling.

Those who fear God know that there is a phenomenal and vast difference between man and God.

We as mankind (all of humanity), are composed of the chemicals of the earth. The bible describes us as dust. That is the physical aspect of our existence. Into that dust God imputed human life that is contained in a soul.

The soul and the human life contained therein, are separate and apart from the physical body. The physical body contains biological life. When you believe in Christ, then God created a human spirit, which is the third aspect of your existence, and into that human spirit is inserted eternal life. These then are the three vessels and three life components that make up your life here in this world.

When you die, the physical body and its biological life are discarded and left behind to cease and rot. They will one day be replaced with a better resurrection body that will never decay.

But as a person, you are a simple life form inserted into dust. And from mere dust, God has designed all manner of people that you see around you in life. Some are beautiful and some are not. Some have tremendous talent and some do not. But whatever aspect you see in people, these all were formed out of dust as their starting component, into which God inserted talent and such.

This alone would be a phenomenal achievement that no one can match, but God has done so much more.

He created an entire universe for us to live in, to see, to discover, and as such we know that there is a huge and vast knowledge base out there, of which we most probably have not even touched the surface of discovery.

In addition, God did not simply create a living zoo for us all to live in, God has a plan, and design, for people to live with Him, forever.

But of course along the way, Satan raised his head in defiance and challenged God and Gods plan. So we have to live through that challenge in order that all may know that Satan is way off base, and out of touch with reality, and that God is perfect and has the best outlook for us all.

So, God has taken us from nothing, dust, and has prepared a plan to give us a completeness that is beyond our understanding, and a destiny in heaven for all of eternity, which one day will be free from turmoil and stress and the burdens of life, and possibly will include phenomenal rewards and blessings.

But that possibility is dependent on our compliance with Gods plan. An achievement that very few will obtain because they put their own plans ahead of Gods plan.

The unbeliever rejects truth and so will receive the horrible eternity away from God in the Lake of Fire.

The believer receives eternal life and as such will have infinite blessings beyond what unbelievers will have.

But too, the mature believer, will receive rewards for eternity and those rewards will be infinitely beyond what immature believers will have. So there is a very good reason to advance in your spiritual life. Just as there is a huge difference between the lifestyle of a person in poverty and the person who is a billionaire, so too, there is a huge and similar difference between the immature believer versus the mature believer for all of eternity.

Far better to be a trillionaire in heaven than a poor man in heaven. Many of the parables speak to this difference.

Now add to all of this, the innumerable variables that exist during your life, of which God made provision as far back as eternity past. Things that none of us can even make provision for while we live our life. And you find such a huge plan of God that boggles the mind to the incomprehensible.

Without God, you would not even exist. Without God you would not have access to truth. Without God you could not grow up. Without God you could not become complete. Without God you would not have a destiny.

And since it is very easy to accomplish all that God wants for you, then it is difficult to understand why people ignore the vast life that God has prepared for each one of us, in exchange for something that each person invents for themselves, such inventions that are totally detached from reality and will never be achieved.

So, who fears God? Those who know and understand all that God is and does. Those who want to genuinely learn about God and Gods ways. Those who pursue that learning process in accordance with Gods procedure for learning. And that procedure is to pursue a daily study under instruction, as you are doing right now.

And it is those, who God teaches. It is those who learn what is reality and what is false. It is those who learn to choose the right direction for their life, as God would have them choose. It is those who realize that they can lose a huge reward package for eternity if they do not comply with Gods plan for learning and growing up.

It is the possibility of that loss of reward, loss of blessing, loss of completeness which should be enough to strike fear into your life such that you will feverishly pursue your daily study and learn and grow up and therefore attain what God intends for you, rather than lose it forever.

Unbelievers lose eternal life and that should be an extreme fear that should drive them to believe in Christ. One would think.

Immature believers can lose infinite reward for all of eternity, and that loss should drive them to pursue their daily bible study so that they do not lose such a great blessing. One would think.

And do not limit the characteristics of reward to just monetary things only. Reward includes 'things' for certain, but it also includes talents, abilities, promotions, ranks, privileges, and so forth. Whatever you can imagine as a blessing, then it becomes a possible eternal blessing with greater attributes.

So, if you do not what anything in eternity, then do not comply with Gods mandates, and you will get nothing.

But, if you are wise, and God expects you to be wise and not stupid, then you will pursue your daily studies under instruction, while in fellowship, and your investment will reap you a huge harvest for eternity.

What farmer wants to plant nothing and get nothing?

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End Of Lesson

Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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