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You must be in fellowship prior to your Bible study, so that the spiritual information you receive can become a source, of blessing to your soul and produce spiritual growth.

Psalm 28:4


4 Give [nathan] them according to their deeds [po`al], and according to the wickedness [roa`] of their endeavours [ma`alal]: give [nathan] them after the work [ma`aseh] of their hands [yad]; render [shuwb] to them their desert [gamuwl]. KJV-Interlinear


4 Requite them according to their work and according to the evil of their practices; Requite them according to the deeds of their hands; Repay them their recompense. NASB


This psalm reaches out to God to apply justice fairly and accurately. That evil should be judged and punished for evil and that good be evaluated and rewarded for good.

Here evil is in view.

Behind every action within the human realm, there is an intent, a design, a thought, a decision, and then an action.

The phrase, their deeds, encompasses the whole of the activities of the evil person, their thoughts and intents, their design and motives. All that is behind their overall involvement and responsibility and guilt in what they think and plan and desire and do.

Evil, in every form, does not come by accident, but by decision. People are to be held accountable and responsible for the sum total of their life.

The wickedness of their endeavors, looks to the quality or result of their activities in life.

Wickedness is the work of evil. Evil is the policy of Satan and encompasses all that is in opposition to God and good.

This includes criminal activity of course, but it also includes social wrongs, and human good, which is performed in the name of good, but is originated from the source of arrogance.

There are two forms of good, namely human good and divine good. Human good looks to self for the credit of what one does. Divine good looks to God who is the originator of all that is good, and from whom all good comes.

Man is undeserving and can claim nothing of or for himself. All comes to man by means of Gods grace. Man cannot earn or deserve anything. Man is the recipient of Gods grace as a gift from God, due to Gods promises and Gods work.

All of mans endeavors from the perspective of evil, originate from self, to the exclusion of God. They are selfish, and self-centered drives within man, that look not to divine good, but to selfish results.

The work of their hands, is the overt result of all of mans thoughts, intents and decisions.

Thus the term desert, means deserves. When man produces evil, then he deserves the reward of evil.

God is fair and just. God deals with the total and overall content of an individuals life. God does not pick and choose, but deals with everything. And, God makes fair decisions based on all of the facts.
You cannot fool God. You cannot misdirect God. You cannot compromise Gods standards of truth.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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