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Psalm 29:10


10 The LORD [Yahovah] sitteth [yashab] upon the flood [mabbuwl]; yea, the LORD [Yahovah] sitteth [yashab] King [melek] for ever [`owlam].  KJV-Interlinear


10 The Lord sat as King at the flood; Yes, the Lord sits as King forever.  NASB


The storm that has been described in these verses, along with the voices of God, indicate that Gods hand is in the storm, which is the judgment. Judgment is not lacking in direction. Judgment does not occur randomly or by chance. And even though God has placed many physical laws in place to serve as boundaries for storms and disasters, they are still not without external controls.

When the flood occurred in Noah’s day, it came as a result of Gods command.
When the earth seemingly falls apart in the final days of history, that too is at Gods command.
And while the earth moves slowly and reconfigures itself over the millennia, the timing of mans evil and the worlds storms, though seemingly coincidental, really are not.

Remember that God set out the divine decrees for history a long time ago, which set forth all of the events of history, it is not without surprise that God would coordinate evil activities with natures storms.

God created the angels. God created the universe. God saw the fall of angels which was by their decision. God saw the deterioration of the universe, including the earth. God saw the restoration of the earth and the creation of man to resolve the angelic conflict. Gods saw mans fall and the need for a savior. God saw all of the generations of humanity and the final need for a final judgment.

In eternity past, God saw all of these things and made provisions for each and every event no matter how small or large. Nothing in history happens by accident. Nothing in your life happens by accident, even though you may be your own worst enemy.

And what this verse is saying, is that God controls history. Nothing occurs without Gods knowledge. Nothing occurs without Gods permission. Even your own bad decisions are allowed, because God will let you make bad decisions. Thus you have no one to blame, and especially not God.

Why does God allow so much evil and heartache and suffering in this world? Because, God allows man to choose his own course in life, and man is his own source of pain and suffering.

When Adam and Eve were in the garden, the garden was beautiful and perfect. In the garden there was no pain or suffering or heartache of any kind. But man chose against God and brought sin and death upon himself.

But even in the bad, there is good, because that bad decision on Adam and Eve’s part, brought about the promise of a savior and eternal life, which is a life far better than what they would have had in the garden, had they lived there forever, but it also paved the way for you and me to be born into this world and have our opportunity for a life and a destiny with God.

Jesus Christ is God. Jesus Christ controls history. Nothing happens without His knowledge or permission, and all of His decisions and provisions for history are for the better for everyone.

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