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You must be in fellowship prior to your Bible study, so that the spiritual information you receive can become a source, of blessing to your soul and produce spiritual growth.

Psalm 31:2


2 Bow down [natah] thine ear ['ozen] to me; deliver [natsal] me speedily [maherah]: be thou my strong [ma`owz] rock [tsuwr], for an house [bayith] of defence [matsuwd] to save [yasha`] me.  KJV-Interlinear


2 Incline Thine ear to me, rescue me quickly; Be Thou to me a rock of strength, A stronghold to save me.  NASB


The human race is unique in history. When Cro-Magnum and Neanderthal remains were discovered and identified, their DNA did not match the current human race. Thus were born the missing link theories, Darwinism and such other ideas. But Adam and Eve were the origin of current humanity. They, nor any of current humanity, did not live during those very ancient prehistoric eras wherein we do not have any relationship links to animals, birds, fish, or otherwise. We are a unique creation.

Those prehistoric times were a part of the angelic era and the conflict that brought extinction after extinction to planet earth, thus laying the groundwork for the inability and failure for any and all angels.

When the earth became null and void, it became that way after a long period of angelic irresponsibility. Isa. 45:18, tells us that the world was not created as a wasteland, but Gen. 1, tells us that it became that way and thus the need for restoration so that the world would be habitable again, for humanity, which had never existed prior to that time. And so in six days, God restored the earth and created man.

And why do we start this study in this manner?

Because God is asked to bow down and incline an ear to us who are calling on Him.

And who are we? Well, we are virtually nothing when you consider the grand scale of all things.

We do not know how long the prehistoric times lasted. God could have easily created the universe with an immediate age of billions of years, even though it was only seconds old at the moment of creation. After all, when Adam was created, he was not an infant, but the likeness of a thirty year old man, though only a second old when created. Likewise, Eve was formed an adult woman, not a baby. So with that pattern, and God is consistent, the same principle could easily apply to the universe. But we will not know until we get to heaven and ask someone up there, who knows.

Anyway, our study is the uniqueness of humanity and the uniqueness of each one of us.

Since Adam, the number of human beings that have been born alive probably numbers in the trillions. Remember that in ancient times, even up to just a century ago, infant mortality was very high, thus many babies born in huge numbers over those many centuries, did not survive. But they were still born and are numbered in the living even though they did not walk or talk on this earth.

When you picture yourself among all of the trillions of people, and probably many more trillions of angels, that makes each of us, as individuals, very insignificant.

So, why would God notice us or even give us a moment of His time?

Because we are doing that which the angels did not do. We, with great limitations, turn to God, through Christ, and we look to someone whom we have never seen nor heard, except through written words combined with faith. And that is a giant leap, especially in a world that is highly secular and tangible things oriented.

We look to God for deliverance, ‘natsal,’ meaning to deliver, pluck out, to defend, to rescue us from the many things that we cannot understand, see, or even measure. Who among us can take human life and move it from person to person? Who can see the essence of the sin nature within us? Who can see or detect the spiritual side of life?

We look to God to be our rock, ‘tsuwr,’ which is a place that is inaccessible in a cliff, a refuge. And in a world where helplessness and limitations galore rule, it is easy for anyone to be overwhelmed by life at any given moment in their life, and therefore become helpless in a world that we have absolutely no control over.

We look to God to be a house, ‘bayith,’ meaning family, court, palace, hangings as in finishing works or decorations, a dwelling, a home. And God provides us with that which is permanent, which the world cannot provide. A home is security, comfort, happiness, prosperity, contentment, and that is what we have with doctrine in our soul.

We ask God to be our defense, ‘matsuwd,’ a fortress, a castle, a wall of fire, an impenetrable shield, through which this world, angels, not even sin or death can breach, and take us away into oblivion.

We ask God to save, ‘yasha,’ meaning to preserve, to rescue, to deliver, to save, to provide victory. And this is the ultimate goal of our very existence, to be saved and to advance so as to become complete within ourselves as God intends, and to be a winner. The ultimate winner for all of eternity.

And we ask for all of this for ourselves, me, myself, I, as individuals that have no more significance than a speck of dust, and yet God leans down and hears us, our every word, our every cry, our every request as Christians in fellowship. God takes notice of us, even though most of us will never be celebrities, never be on the covers of magazines, will never be noted as memorized history details, will never be known by the vast numbers of others of humanity.

And that is you. You are one in trillions, but in Gods eyes and plan, you are given a whole universe, a whole history, a whole plan, in which to possess for yourself an intrinsic completeness, meaning and purpose, forever.

And with that, you should want to maximize your opportunities in the spiritual life, by pursuing your spiritual life, because in your spiritual life you have the opportunity to succeed beyond imagination, where, in this world, you have so many limitations and obstacles that prevent nearly everything, and whatever you do have, it is temporary anyway.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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