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Psalm 32:1


1 A Psalm of David [David], Maschil [maskiyl].

Blessed ['esher] is he whose transgression [pesha`] is forgiven [nasa'], whose sin [chata'ah] is covered [kacah].  KJV-Interlinear


1 A Psalm of David. A Maskil.

How blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven, Whose sin is covered!   NASB


This, on the surface, is a very simple psalm. It reveals some of the most dramatic principles regarding the four categories of evil, that are disclosed in the Bible.

First, the word ‘Maschil,’ means instruction, or the giving of instruction with the highest priority, because it is the highest instruction dealing with the guilt of sin, and the phenomenal blessing from Gods provision in pardon, holiness, justification, and sanctification.

These first two verses introduce the concepts of transgression, sin, iniquity, and guile. So they require a definition first.

Transgression, ‘pesha,’ the passing over of a boundary, doing that which is prohibited.

Sin, ‘chataah,’ the missing of a mark, not doing what is commanded, expresses sinfulness leading to sin in the future or the pattern of sin, thus causing transgression.

Iniquity, ‘avon,’ turning away from a proper course or situation, moral distortion, perversion, contrary to equity or justice.

Guile, ‘ramiyah,’ fraud, deceit, cleaverness, cunning, traschery.

These last two are mentioned in verse two, which we will cover tomorrow.

There are three methods of dealing with these evils. The cures of evil are forgiving, covering, and not imputing.

Transgression, must be forgiven, ‘nasa,’ born away, i.e., by a mediated sacrifice, for bearing sin, or bearing away sin to something or someone else, for sin to be carried away or transferred to someplace else.

Sin, must be covered, ‘kacah,’ hidden from the sight. It is the odious and abominable, the putrid, the stench, and must be put out of sight, washed off, covered, removed and buried permanently.

Iniquity, must not be imputed, ‘chashab,’ must not be reckoned to ones account, not assigned, not recorded, not connected with.

Guile, must be annihilated from the soul, no guile, obliterated, defeated, routed, crushed, permanently destroyed.

Therefore for the person whose transgression is forgiven or carried away to somewhere else,
whose sin is buried, covered or hidden, God having cast it as a heavy weight into the depths of the sea,
whose iniquity and perversion is not assigned to his account,
and whose guile of the deceitful and desperately wicked heart, is annihilated, being emptied of sin
and filled with righteousness, is the happy person.

Only God can accomplish this solution, and Jesus Christ did just that.

To reject Christ is to pursue or align yourself with evil, and what would that make you?

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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