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Psalm 33:6


6 By the word [dabar] of the LORD [Yahovah] were the heavens [shamayim] made [`asah]; and all the host [tsaba'] of them by the breath [ruwach] of his mouth [peh].  KJV-Interlinear


6 By the word of the LORD the heavens were made, and by the breath of his mouth all their host.  ESV


In this single verse, all of the philosophies or beliefs of randomness or accident, or evolutionary changes and such, are labeled a lie. And God uses only two words to accomplish this. The first is ‘dabar,’ and the second is ‘asah.’

The first word, ‘dabar,’ refers to the spoken word, an utterance, a statement, a verbal sound. In other words, God spoke. This is not a speech of lengthy sentences or paragraphs, but a single word or command. We are not told what that specific word is, but merely that God spoke.

It is not important what the word was, because probably all of the nonsense out there would try to use it and become fools speaking Gods word, as though they somehow possessed His ability.

Anyway, the second word is ‘asah,’ which means to create in accordance with a pattern.

But before we get to the pattern, we need to review the other words for creation, so that we can understand this one.

They are ‘bara,’ ‘asah,’ ‘yatsar,’ ‘banah,’ and finally ‘atsab.’

The first word, ‘bara,’ means to create something out of nothing. It does not mean to form out of tiny little things, making them into bigger things. It means simply that when there is nothing, and then something comes into existence, then it came into existence, where nothing existed prior. So, nothing and then something. This is used in Genesis when God created, ‘bara,’ the heavens and the earth. So out of nothing, the entire universe came into existence. The current universe is the one and only universe that has ever existed. This universe did not come out of the residue of a former universe. It did not come out of an explosion, for an explosion indicates some existence prior to, or the ingredients of, the explosion. And it is impossible for nothingness, to explode. Nothingness can’t do anything because it is, nothing.

The second word, ‘asah,’ refers to a pattern or design. Again used in Genesis, as well as in our current verse, both angels and man and life and all of creation were formed in accordance with a design. God had a plan. He did not shoot from the hip and wait to see what would come of it all, He had a design, and that design existed before the universe, before anything, came into existence. Actually the plan or design, existed before everything existed. God is organized and extremely detailed and very efficient and thorough. Our soul was created in accordance with the pattern of God Himself, in His own image, which does not refer to deity, but to the intellect and emotion and mental abilities and ability to understand and decide and so forth. We are not animals ruled by instincts, but intelligent beings ruled by our thoughts.

The third word is, ‘yatsar,’ which means to form something out of something, like a pot made out of clay. And Adam, or his physical body, was formed out of the dust. That is our biological component. Human biological life is perpetuated by means of the biological function of the male and female interaction. I presume that I do not have to explain that.

Note that the soul is not biological and was not formed out of dust, but in accordance with the image of God. Likewise, human life is not created or formed out of dust, but formed instantly, ‘bara,’ out of nothing.

The fourth word, ‘banah,’ means to build, to construct, to sculpt, and again out of something. Eve was constructed out of Adam’s rib. I guess that is why we have the saying, women are built. This is humor, of course, but really it does fit the concept. The very nature of the components, the rib, remain the same. The rib is biological and remains biological, whereas the dust, a non-living thing in Adam’s case, was actually transformed into life and something very different from its former essence.

The fifth word, 'atsab,' typically used in conjunction with the second word, 'asah,' and is used to make it very clear that mans origin was from God, and from no other source or mechanism. Man is not a product of random chance or evolution, but came from Gods very careful and painstaking care of invention and design. The word 'atsab' means to fabricate, to carve, to use great care, to take great pains, while fashioning or assembling a thing. And God did this with respect to His plan and thus with every aspect in the implementation of that plan.

So, back to our verse.

God spoke a single word and all of creation, in its proper order, instantaneously came into existence, in accordance with a plan, a design that existed prior to the creation.

God spoke and the angels came into existence.
God spoke and the universe came into existence.
God spoke, or speaks a word and mans human life, comes into existence. God spoke and your human life, the real you, were created instantly. And all of creation, even you, came about because God planned a meticulous plan and brought it all into reality. And in each case, including you, where you did not exist before, instantly came into existence.

Speaking a single word is not a process, but a command.

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