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Psalm 33:9


9 For he spake ['amar], and it was done; he commanded [tsavah], and it stood fast [`amad].  KJV-Interlinear


9 For he spoke, and it came to be; he commanded, and it stood firm.  ESV


Speaking of all of the heavens, which is a reference to the entire universe, or all of creation, then God merely spoke and it was done.

Done means the entire process of creation was completed in an instant.

God did not speak to start the process, only to be completed at some later time, but the act of creation occurred in an instant. Its beginning, middle, and end all occurred in an instant.

Done means finished, completed, as in when a job is finished, then you put your tools away and leave the job, as there is nothing more to do. And so God spoke and the universe was completed in full.

Remember that the original creation of the universe occurred in an instant, unlike the later restoration of the earth, which took six days.

In chronological order, the angels were created first, then the universe was created, then the fall of Satan occurred, then the destruction of the earth occurred, it became null and void. It was not created as a void world. And then God restored the world in preparation for humanity, and the conclusion of the angelic conflict.

So, when creation originally occurred, it occurred instantly, and it was completed in its entirety. That distinguishes it from the six day restoration of earth, which occurred later on, after the fall of Satan.

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