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You must be in fellowship prior to your Bible study, so that the spiritual information you receive can become a source, of blessing to your soul and produce spiritual growth.

Psalm 34:11


11 Come [yalak], ye children [ben], hearken [shama`] unto me: I will teach [lamad] you the fear [yir'ah] of the LORD [Yahovah].   KJV-Interlinear


11 Come, O children, listen to me; I will teach you the fear of the LORD.   ESV


Fear of the Lord, is a phrase that can easily be quoted, but unfortunately too many have no clue as to what it really means. And those who think they know, really do not.

Children addresses everyone who needs to listen and learn. Which means everyone, including you.

Adults presumably have been listening and have learned spiritual information.

But then child and adult in the spiritual sense, have nothing to do with ones age. A sixty year old can be just as much a child spiritually, as a ten year old.

Spiritual age has everything to do with spiritual knowledge and understanding. And that does not come automatically, but by means of a daily study, from instruction, while in fellowship, of the word of God.

Fear, ‘yirah,’ certainly means to be afraid, but not in the sense of fear as in some monster movie. Fear means respect, genuine respect, and not just lip service or a courtesy glance. It means reverence, being in awe, obedience to the object of ones respect.

Wives are commanded to respect their husbands. We are all told to respect God. But more than that, we are told to obey all of Gods mandates, and not give casual merely notice of them.

Life begins when you were born. The very first thing you should understand is that you are extremely lucky that you were actually born into life, in the first place. Without life, there would be no eternity, no wonderful things of life, no opportunity for phenomenal happiness forever.

Sure there are bad things in life, but those are all easily overcome and all present an opportunity to learn just how phenomenal God is.

We all have the opportunity for phenomenal blessings forever. We all have the opportunity to learn and live life now, to the fullest. We all have the opportunity to breathe, to smell the scents of creation, to experience foods, and relationships and on and on.

But too, we can lose all of that by simply being disobedient to God, and the greatest threat of them all is that God may withhold blessings from us, which is a huge loss and risk for our life. To lose everything means to lose phenomenal blessing and happiness and more.

Look around at the most difficult and vile things that can happen to a person in this world. Without God, that is a very real possibility, and is that what anyone would want? Of course not! Life is full of examples that allow you to discern between that which is desirable and that which is not.

But most people are foolish enough to ignore their spiritual responsibilities and obligations that they run the risk of losing Gods favor. And there is nothing worse than that in life.

If you really desire to have the fullest and most complete life, then you will search it out and pursue it. But realize that the best of life comes not from this world but from knowledge of Bible doctrine.

And if you are indifferent toward a daily study, then you will not learn, and you will not have the most complete life possible.

To sit back and pretend or expect someone else to do things for you is a disgrace for you, as well as a false desire on your part, which is nothing more than cheating yourself out of life, and insulting God.

To refuse to comply with your obligations and responsibilities of life, is not only disrespectful of God, but a cheat and an insult for pretending to not know or assuming that they do not apply to you.

Therefore, real fear means compliance with Gods mandates, understanding the realities of life both now and for all of eternity, and the implications of living with God verses living without God, and most important of all, not playing games with the seriousness of life and all that it stands for, by pretending or ignoring your obligations to learn and know and comply.

A child has a tantrum when someone else does not tie the shoes. And responsible child will listen and learn how to tie their own shoes and move on in life to greater things.


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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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