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You must be in fellowship prior to your Bible study, so that the spiritual information you receive can become a source, of blessing to your soul and produce spiritual growth.

Daily Bible Study

Psalm 37:23


23 The steps [mits`ad] of a good man [geber] are ordered [kuwn] by the LORD [Y@hovah]: and he delighteth [chaphets] in his way [derek].   KJV-Interlinear


23 The steps of a man are established by the LORD, when he delights in his way;   ESV


The word for ordered, ‘kuwn,’ means to be established, to stand erect, to set up, to found, to adjust, to fit, to direct.

The word for steps, ‘mits ad,’ is a reference to the pattern of life that a personal lives. His moment by moment, day by day journey through life, in other words.

He delights in his way, has a double meaning. The Lord delights in the way of the ‘good’ man, while concurrently the man or the individual, delights in the way of the Lord.

The way of the Lord, is Bible doctrine.

The good man, does not refer to just anyone, but only to the person who is defined as good. And the word good is a technical word with respect to how God defines good, not man.

Human good is not in view here. Spiritual good is in view. Spiritual good is the production of the spiritual life.

This verse is not referring to any ordinary person, but refers only to the individual Christian who has, or is, advancing in their spiritual life.

Bible doctrine is the means of that advancement and growth. And by means of that spiritual advancement through learning Bible doctrine, then the beliefs, opinions, the very core of the thinking of the individual has been transformed and is guided through the realities and truths of life, based on the principles taught in the scriptures. All of which comes from growing up in the spiritual life, by means of learning Bible doctrine while in fellowship.

Now, make sure one thing is very clear, the Lord delights in the good person, the spiritually mature person. This is not a person that does good things, but is a person who through spiritual growth has attained the status of good as defined by God.

The basic nature of common man is not good, and is guiding, directed, and established by the sin nature.

The only way you can be established by God, is by means of learning God’s truth. And there is only one way of learning God’s truth, and that is by means of a daily Bible study.

These studies are a part of the massive daily study web site at DailyBibeStudy.Org, and are written, so that you can come to Christ if you have not done so already, and therefore not be lost forever.

And if you have already believed in Christ, then these studies are written so you can learn and understand and grow in your spiritual life, so that you can come to the full knowledge of Christ, so that you can fulfill your meaning and purpose in life as God intended for you, and so you can qualify for a phenomenal eternal reward which you will have forever. To ignore this opportunity to pursue a daily study means you will be incomplete, unfulfilled and you will lose out, big time.

The Daily Bible Study is online, making it possible as never before in all of human history, to advance in ones relationship with God, through Christ, and to complete yourself beyond your imagination.

But you have to decide to make that commitment. No one else can study for you. You have to do that yourself.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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