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Greatest Story Ever Told - Dawn, The Second Advent - Chapter 3

You must be in fellowship prior to your Bible study, so that the spiritual information you receive can become a source, of blessing to your soul and produce spiritual growth.

Lets leap forward into the future and see what it might be like from the perspective of heaven. A lot of things are happening on earth. Earth is in the middle of its hardest times, and war has broken out all over the planet. There is misery and everything you can imagine that happens in a war. Needless to say the people are in a bad way.

But imagine you are in heaven. The rapture has occurred. You were whisked away along with all other believers, from off the planet and to heaven to be with God. In the rapture you will be transformed into a resurrection body, and Jesus Christ, who is God, will clean you up. That is, He will clean out all of the dirt and filth that has accumulated in your soul, and you will feel great, as though you had taken a shower for the first time in your entire life, and are now you are really clean.

Then you will be brought before Christ and judged, or rather evaluated as to what you accomplished spiritually in your life. If you have been faithful during your life and studied your Bible daily and grew up to a point of spiritual maturity, then Christ will be very pleased with you and you will receive tremendous rewards and promotions. But, if you have not been faithful, if you did not study your Bible regularly and did not come to Christ with much spiritual growth to speak of, if any, then Christ will be disappointed in you. He will probably give you a scowl and of course you will receive very little reward if any. You'll be embarrassed for sure, but that will go away soon enough. There is much more to happen in the next few years while we are all in heaven.

For three and a half years this evaluation process will continue, then for the next three and a half years we will all participate in a wedding feast party. And a party it will be for sure. Here we, as believers in Christ and as members of His Royal Family, will be formerly united with Christ for a permanent union forever. This will be a great party. There will be lots of music, and singing and dancing. Probably the best food you can imagine, in the universe. Can't wait to see the grill and salad bar. There will be lots of conversation. You'll get to meet other believers from our Church Age. And since our Church Age has been on going for nearly 2000 years, then that will be a lot of folks. You'll get to meet all your ancestors, maybe for 50 or 60 generations, more or less, from way back, as well as their families. I'll bet they all have some really great stories to tell. Grandpa's usually have the best stories to tell, but I'll bet those great, great, great, great grandpa's can come up with some whoppers. Anyway, this will be a lot of fun. But it will all soon end. And this is really where we are going to begin this chapter.

We are going to look into the future. We are going to pretend that we have already gone to heaven in the rapture and have completed our evaluation 'with flying colors' I might add. We have been decorated and awarded some of the highest honors that God can give, along with many thousands of other believers who have been faithful in their Bible study and advanced in their spiritual life. So because we too were faithful then we will receive these high honors. Now you should really not pretend this part, but should really study your Bible everyday, so that what we are going to imagine in the next few pages, will really happen to you, which it will, but only if you are consistent in your Bible study and stick with it, regardless of what happens in your life.

Now, this is the picture. You are in heaven. The Judgment Seat of Christ has finished. That evaluation finished was three and a half years ago. You were cleansed of all the wood, hay, and stubble, or otherwise we call it the dirt in our soul, and we have tremendous decorations given to us because our soul is full of the Bible doctrine we learned while we were living on Earth. The wedding celebration is over. That party took another three and a half years. So we have been in heaven for seven years now. You have been briefed and you know exactly what to expect in the next few hours and days ahead. You are the person in the story below. You are the one who is seeing, hearing, and doing all the things that are about to occur. And so ...........

Dawn breaks out. A new dawn is about to greet us and embrace our total being. From over the Palace a bright light shines. It is not emanating from a sun or even several suns, but from the Palace itself. And the Palace is huge, larger than several Jupiter planets put together.

The Palace walls tower high over our heads, as I stand there in the midst of the ranks of the largest army ever assembled. I hold in my right hand the reins of my own white horse. And beautiful horse it is. A stallion created for this very day, the Day of the Lord, which is about to unfold right before my very own eyes.

I can hardly believe it. All of the things I have experienced since that moment of the rapture nearly seven years ago. I can't even remember what I was doing when everything in my life suddenly and dramatically changed. I have had one continuous rush for these past seven years. The excitement the anticipation, the pride, legitimate pride in what I have received, from God no less. Wow!

Now I stand in the ranks with millions upon millions upon hundreds of millions of believers who, also have their horses at their sides. We are all assembled on a parade ground, an extremely large expanse of grassy fields that seem to stretch for miles. Deep green and beautifully groomed as though each individual blade of grass was trimmed to the perfect height, resulting in the most beautiful field I have ever seen.

There are millions of believers, along with their horses, assembled by groups of, not dozens or even thousands, but formed in rows and columns of millions in each group in a rectangular fashion, just as the armies of the olden times assembled on a field of battle. Out in front of each group were designated leaders. I have been privileged to be designated as one of those leaders. I did not deserve this honor. I did not earn this honor. I know nothing of war or the art of war, nor do I know anything about military protocol or procedure, but this I do know, because I was briefed in detail as to what to expect and what I must do, by a team of angels assigned to me as aids.

Their knowledge is extensive and I have learned more than I can ever imagine. They ware certainly creatures of honor and patience, for they have been waiting for this day far longer than I have. That's for sure.

Behind this great assembly, in the background, stands the Palace of God. I have never seen anything like it. As I said before, it is huge. If you can imagine the planet Jupiter, which is thousands of times larger than our planet Earth, then this Palace is larger than many Jupiter's put together. Its great halls and rooms have more than enough space to accommodate all of the believers in history and then some. And rising behind this army, the Palace stands tall and solid on its foundations. Many a castle has been built in history and all have been attacked and defeated, but this Palace, a fortress in its own right is extremely intimidating and certainly brings one to look at it in absolute amazement. Never on earth could I ever have imagined such a grand and massive structure.

A trumpet sounds of in the distance. A team of angels standing at the watch blow a trumpet when they see a scout angel approaching from off in the great distance of space. The scout arrives with great speed, flying with his wings beating in a blur, faster than the speed of light it seems like. He comes to a stop in front of the one standing way out in front of the entire assembly. The scout bows very low, arises and appears to give a report. The one receiving the report waves his arm as though dismissing the scout, who then fly's off, faster than the speed of light, back in the same direction from which he came.

I wondered what the scout was doing. What the reports were all about. Though the trumpet announces the arrival of scouts periodically, they seem to have been increasing in frequency. Each following the same pattern upon arrival. Each giving their report and then returning to where they came from.

Around me I see believers doing as I am doing. Looking around in awe. Some conversing with the person standing next to them or behind them in the ranks. There is light conversation, some laughter. There are some consulting with their assigned angel aids, and some are just pondering the magnitude of this entire event, from the privacy of their own thoughts.

Out in front of the assembly of believers if one man, Jesus Christ. Next in the assembly are the designated leaders of the many groups, followed by their assigned battle group forming a long line of groups, each an army in its own right. Then behind that first row, there are even more rows of groups as in the first row. And behind that second long row there are many more rows almost beyond my ability to count, of even more assembled groups. Next in the great assembly are groups of angels, formed up in their ranks in rows and columns.

If you stood overhead and out in front of this huge group you would see armies in battle array, all lined up in the greatest military assembly ever brought together in all of history.

***** _____ ***** _____ *****
***** * ___ ***** * ____ ***** *
***** * * __ ***** * * __ ***** * *
***** * ___ ***** * ____ ***** *
***** _____ ***** _____ *****

***** _____ ***** _____ *****
***** * ___ ***** * ____ ***** *
***** * * __ ***** * * __ ***** * *
***** * ___ ***** * ____ ***** *
***** _____ ***** _____ *****

***** _____ ***** _____ *****
***** * ___ ***** * ____ ***** * _________ *
***** * * __ ***** * * __ ***** * * _______ * ____ *
***** * ___ ***** * ____ ***** * _________ *
***** _____ ***** _____ *****

***** _____ ***** _____ *****
***** * ___ ***** * ____ ***** *
***** * * __ ***** * * __ ***** * *
***** * ___ ***** * ____ ***** *
***** _____ ***** _____ *****

***** _____ ***** _____ *****
***** * ___ ***** * ____ ***** *
***** * * __ ***** * * __ ***** * *
***** * ___ ***** * ____ ***** *
***** _____ ***** _____ *****

The trumpet sounded once again. As I watched a scout came flying in with great speed. He gave his report, but this time Christ indicated for him to remain. The scout did not take off as before. Then another scout arrived and another. They too were told to remain and not to return to where they had come from.

There was a definite stir in this huge crowd gathered in front of the Palace of God. Others too had noticed the change in pattern. We must be getting close to the moment of our departure for earth. We all knew that there was a war going on all over planet earth. We knew that there was a lot of heartache and terrible hardships being endured by believers who were still on earth and caught in the middle of this Armageddon campaign which was currently taking place on earth. One could only imagine the events unfolding on the planet, the bombing, the artillery, the attacks, and even Satan's attempts to wipe out all Jewish believers in Christ. Believers who were at present defending Jerusalem against great odds, and awaiting Christ's return and their deliverance from their enemies.

The trumpet sounded as more scouts returned and reported, then remained where they were. By now all eyes were looking toward the front of the great column. There was Christ, in all His glory. Greater than life itself. A powerful and muscular man. He could defeat an opponent in a wrestling match just by looking at him. A crown of gold on His head, fit perfectly, a battle crown, with a title God - King - Priest. He had a sword strapped to His side, a sword of justice. Like no other sword. Shining like a fine mirror, its brilliant reflection would be enough to defeat an enemy.

The trumpet sounded and the last of the scouts returned, gave his report. Then Christ signaled them to report to their assigned positions in the ranks. They bowed and did an abrupt about face, then proceeded through the groups to their positions where the other angels were assembled.

Then a chorus of trumpets sounded. This got everyone's attention. Now all were on their feet, standing beside their horses, when suddenly a single horse, and brilliant white war horse came out from the Palace. Powerful and muscular like an animal specifically designed for speed and strength, the horse came running between the battle groups toward the front and halted right in front of Jesus Christ.

We all stood in awe as Christ took hold of the reins and mounted the powerful animal. It was a spirited for sure, its legs working up and down just itching to take off on a light speed gallop.

Then we all heard the command from one standing in front of Christ, 'Armies!', he bellowed so all could hear. It was a time. All of history was geared for this moment in time.

I repeated the command for my group, simultaneously and along with all of the other individual group leaders, 'Army'.

Then the one who initiated the command bellowed, 'Atteeeen.tion'. All in the entire mass of Christians and angels immediately snapped to attention. Hundreds of millions making a deafening sound like a clap of thunder that could break a normal human eardrum, as they all stood tall and straight, horses at their right, reins crossed over in front of them in their left hand.

The one standing in front of Christ did an about face and came face to face with Christ.

'Report', commanded Christ.

The one replied, 'All present and accounted for.'

For sure this is not an event that anyone would want to miss. One of the greatest events in history. Sure we have all read about great events in he Old Testament, in history books, but I certainly have never witnessed them let alone having taken part in them. This was exciting. I could feel the adrenaline, if there is such a thing in a resurrection body. The excitement, the anticipation was almost too much.

'Post', came the next command from Christ himself. And the one standing in front of Him immediately moved off to his assigned position.

Then Christ had everyone's attention. All eyes were on Him. As He sat on His horse He bellowed out like thunder. 'Prepare to mount'.

I immediately turned my head to my right and repeated the command over my right shoulder, just as all other group leaders did, 'Prepare to mount.'

'Mount', came the command from Jesus Christ.

The entire assembly, and army of hundreds of millions if not more. Who could know the number save Christ himself. This entire mass of people stepped their right leg back one step and turned to their right facing each one toward his specifically assigned horse. They placed their left foot in the stirrup and mounted crisply and cleanly as though they had done this all of their entire lives. Again the thunderous sound rolled throughout the huge mass as all came to rest in their saddles.

Christ pivoted on his horse and now faced away from the assembled armies, toward space and beyond.

Again Christ commanded so all could hear, 'At the walk'.

And again I repeated as before, 'At the walk'.

'Forward', blasted Christ, His voice thundering loudly.

The entire assembly began moving forward. The excitement was greater then ever. Does a resurrection body have a heart? I don't know, but something inside of me was beating so fast, I could almost explode. The sound of millions upon millions of horses hooves filled the air. Christ proceeded out in front at a walking pace. The armies moved out in a forward direction, in a long line of columns, stretching as far as the eye could see from left to right and to the rear.

I had the reins in my left hand. My right hand resting on my right thigh. Strapped to my left side was my sword, a short double edged sword like the Romans carried in their day long ago. It was extremely sharp and it too shined like a mirror. But it was also safely packed away in its sheath which was hung from a strap that was belted around my waist. Heaven only knows that if a person could cut themselves, then I would be the one to embarrassingly cut my resurrection self with that sword. No. It stays right where it is.

Suddenly the command was blasted out from Christ, 'Forward at the trot'. And immediately all horses were spurred forward to a trot. We were moving faster now. All groups were keeping the pace, and their order in line and column. We were now advancing into the universe. The trail we were to follow was previously set and given to all. The Palace of God was quickly disappearing in the background. In front of us lay innumerable stars and galaxy systems. But none of them mattered as our destination, our objective was in the Milky Way, and more specifically, planet earth. Little did the wicked masses who were on earth realize what was about to happen in their worthless evil lives. Judgment day was here, the Day of Christ as prophecy had foretold. From the day of Adam's first fall in the garden, and to every generation who ever lived throughout history.

'Canter', commanded Christ, as all accelerated to a gentle gallop. Now the combined armies were moving faster. The sound was beyond any scale of decibels that could have been invented. A super nova would be quieter. Up front Christ shined brightly in the darkness of the universe surrounding us. How could anyone not hear or even see us coming. Like a massive cloud bank stretching clear across the entire horizon with brilliant lightening flashes in the center. No one, but no one could not help but see the storm coming and coming fast.

Christ drew his sword. Raised it in his right hand, the right hand of justice, the right hand of judgment.

'Charge', He blasted and His own war horse leaped into a full gallop. The entire army, leaped into a full gallop, swords all drawn - (this is so cool), swords held high and forward in everyone's right hand, reins in the left hand, and the shouts of charge coming from all in total unison. A thousand freight trains running at the speed of light couldn't make more noise.

The galaxy was fast approaching, then we were inside it moving among the stars and toward that select set of 9 little planets, and earth. And there it was, Earth. At first a blur, then a beautiful blue haze, but that was strangely distorted in color as the atmosphere was now full of debris from all of the destructive war that was currently raging.

We raced across the solar system with a fury and an urgency, matching nothing else in history. Then suddenly the planet ahead became dark, shrouded in total blackness. Protecting those in defense of Jerusalem and those believers throughout the planet from total annihilation.

Then the brilliance of Christ filled the entire universe. Racing forward at a dizzying speed. His horse breathing hard and fast as he galloped onward toward the battle. All horses in the entire battle array had now caught the scent of war, the fever of speed captured all. How in heavens name would this driving force ever come to a halt. Its momentum was so driven with passion and purpose.

We entered the atmosphere, as the light of Christ illuminated all below. Those armies engaged on the planets surface turned their combined weapons toward us, and they blasted away with all they had. They might as well have been throwing ping pong balls for all the good they did.

Then just as suddenly as it all had begun, the entire armies of God, came to a screeching halt a few thousand feet above the ground. We stopped. We watched in amazement as Christ, touching down on the ground on the very spot that he rose up into heaven from centuries before just after the events of the Cross, suddenly shot out what seemed like lightening bolts in all directions, and at all enemies world wide. They dropped in their tracks. Death came knocking and held no mercy for all who opposed God. I remembered my scripture. Two were in the field and one was taken, and one remained. And so it was. Many millions of evil and vile people were taken that day. The earth was purged. Blood flowed for miles as the bodies piled up higher than a mans face. The end of this nightmare had come here on earth, for believers who had been faithful throughout the ordeal of the tribulation, and who had, by the grace of God, persevered and survived the many ordeals of the past seven years.

Even in my resurrection body, the magnitude, the drama, and actions of the second advent held me in total silence. I was stunned as were most if not all, in the army that had been assembled in heaven. An army that was prepared and dressed, and equipped for battle. An army that was mightier than anything that had ever been assembled in all of history. Yet we fired not even one shot. Never used our swords, but sat on the perimeter of the battle field, high up in the clouds, watching as the entire event of Christ's promised return and rescue of those who were surrounded in Jerusalem, and all believers worldwide, unfolded right before our eyes. The enemies of the Cross were totally decimated. Satan and all his followers, were chained and hauled into the depths of the earth and there thrown into prison.

Now to rebuild and begin the promised reign of Christ for the next 1000 years.

This is the story of what could be the most exciting event in your future life. But to live it then, you must prepare for it now. This preparation is not a difficult one, but merely requires you to study your Bible daily. Study it every day of your life and learn from what you study. You'll grow up in your spiritual life and have a great life while here on earth. Then when that future promised day arrives - the Rapture, then your life will take a dramatic turn that will most likely continue into a wonderful exciting and never ending life.

So now it is that we have studied the beginning of all of creation, and the problems that began with Satan's arrogant fall. We have studied something of what God is like, and now we have seen a possible playing out of the events of the second advent of Jesus Christ.

There is a great deal of history that has and will yet take place between the beginning of history and its end. And we will begin with more on that in the next chapter.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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