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Greatest Story Ever Told - Salvation - Chapter 4

You must be in fellowship prior to your Bible study, so that the spiritual information you receive can become a source, of blessing to your soul and produce spiritual growth.

We have looked at the beginning of all beginnings. That is when God existed before anything else was created. We looked at the creation of angels and the universe after them. We briefly noted how Lucifer, the greatest angels of them all, kind of got a big head about himself and thought that he could be just like God. Maybe even greater.

There was a rebellion led by Lucifer and in general all angels were somewhat undecided about all of this - God verses Lucifer stuff. But in Gods infinite patience, the truth was revealed to all the angels and 2/3 rd's of them came back to God, but 1/3 rd followed Lucifer.

Lucifer was judged after a very long period of time past to allow him to regain his senses and turn back to Gods way. Lucifer refused and thus judged. We now call him Satan or the Devil because now he acts as an advocate for lies, questioning everything, and testing God in every way.

After a time, God created mankind to demonstrate His infinite wisdom. And that is really why you and I are here in this world - to sort of demonstrate and decide, once and for all, the angelic conflict that has been on going for very, very long time between God and Satan.

So now we are here and we too have to deal with life and with God, and with Satan, kind of. In dealing with Satan we do not actually have battles with him or his followers (other bad angels). But we do have to deal with the way Satan thinks, and he thinks the wrong kind of things always.

There are two paths we can follow in life in so far as our thinking goes. On the one hand, we can learn from God and think the right things, or on the other hand we can follow the pattern that Satan has given us and think the wrong things.

Where do we get these ideas? Well, from God, we get His thoughts and instructions from the Bible, and in using the Bible as the basis for our orientation to life or reality, then we learn from life itself. For example, the Bible teaches right from wrong. We have our things and others have their things. If in school, we took someone's pencil off of their desk, then we would know that, that was wrong. So the Bible teaches us the principle or the idea that we do not take things that are not ours. And in school or in our everyday life, we leave others things alone that belong to others.

Sometimes, we do not learn these concepts directly from the Bible, but we learn them from our parents, or our teachers, or even our friends. They seem to have been taught things in their past, probably from their parents, or maybe they learned it from a TV program. But anyway, we can learn proper ways to live our life not just from the Bible, but also from other sources, because the world is filled with this information and has been since Adam and Eve.

There is a danger, however, in learning things from the world alone, and not learning from the Bible. Learning from the world means that you might not learn about God, or that you might learn the wrong things about God. Or you might be told that other things are god or gods and they are really lies to confuse you.

Remember, our first reason for being here on earth is to settle a conflict that began long ago, and how do we do this? Well that is the topic that you should be aware of for the rest of your life.

To resolve the angelic conflict, God has set His wisdom and right to decide against that of Satan's wisdom and right to decide. God created everything and holds all things together. God knows before hand all things that are going to happen so God can make all the right decisions in history. Satan, on the other hand wants to be able to create things, or he wants others to think that he can do great things just as God can do, but really he cannot. He can't create things, nor can he hold them together. Satan cannot look into the future, so he does not know what is going to happen this afternoon, let alone tomorrow or next year.

Satan has got so caught up in his drive to be right that he has become angry and will do anything to disprove God. This is where you and I come into the picture.

We are born into this world and as a baby we do not know much of anything. In fact we have to learn everything, and it takes us years to learn. We spend our first 4 or 5 years at home where mom and dad teach us our A, B, C's and our 1, 2, 3's, and of course other important things like Santa Clause, birthday presents, and cool stuff like that.

Then we go to school and spend the next several years until we are 18 years old, or maybe 22 years old, or even 30 years old, learning and graduating from high school, or college, or some technical school, or some advance study of some kind.

We spend all of this time learning something, like science, or reading, or medicine, or art maybe. These are school subjects. We also learn to interact with people. We have friends, and we have people that we do not like, and that do not like us for whatever reason.

But where is God in this picture? What about the rest of our life? Well we graduate from school and then we go out into the world and get a job. We grow up. We live and meet people, and maybe get married, have kids and they grow up and leave our home as they get out into the world to live their lives. By this time we are getting older. Maybe we are 40, or 50, or even 60 years old. You know, like grandma, and grandpa. Well you are going to be as old as they are someday, maybe, and the end of your life will be very near.

What happens at the end of your life? You die!

Think about that for a moment, because that is a very real event that will happen in your life. You may die at a very old age, but then, you may die tomorrow in a car accident. You just never know.

There are two places that you might go to after you die. The first place is Hell, and the second place is Heaven.

Hell is not a bad word, but you shouldn't go around saying it. Sometimes we call it the Lake of Fire. It is not a good place to go to. In fact it is a very, very bad place. It is full of fear, and rage, full of tormenting pain and agony. There you burn far worse than if you were to fall into a big fire. Ever burned you finger on the stove or something hot? Well, Hell is a place of burning far worse than that. Imagine your entire body on fire and there is nothing you can do to stop it. You can't even die because you have already died. The burning goes on forever, and forever, and forever. And that is a very long time. No friends. No one to talk to. Nothing to do, but to just burn. If this frightens you, then good, because this is intended to get you to thinking about your life, and especially your future life after leaving this world. So that you will never go to a place like the Lake of Fire, or Hell.

Heaven is a far better place to go to. It is full of Christmas presents to open, one after another. Full of friends. There is never any pain of any kind. You are always happy there. You can play to your hearts content.

So the big question now is how exactly do we get to go to heaven and avoid going to Hell?

Well God has given us the answer to this question. God is the one who decides where we will go after we die.

To go to heaven simply tell God the Father, that we believe in Jesus Christ. That is all we have to do.

Remember that there are three members of the Godhead? The Father who decides things, the Son whose name is Jesus Christ and who does all of Gods work, and the Spirit who teaches us all about God.

When we talk to God we always address our prayers (that is talking to God), to the Father. He hears us and answers our prayers.

Our first and most important prayer in our entire life, is our prayer for salvation. What is salvation? Well, that is our escape from having to go to Hell. If we lived our entire life and ignored God all of that time, then, when we die, we would automatically go to Hell.


If we say to God the Father

'Father, I believe in Jesus Christ.'

Then we will be automatically saved. Yes automatically saved. And we will be saved permanently. No one can ever take it away from us. It is kind of like having a permanent and guaranteed reservation in heaven just waiting for us when we die.

So by doing nothing about God, then we risk losing our future to a very, very horrible future in Hell, but by saying or even just thinking this one prayer, 'Father , I believe in Jesus Christ.', then we insure ourselves of a great future in heaven.

Why do we believe in Jesus Christ to gain our salvation? Well that is going to be the next chapter. Who is Jesus Christ? He is the Son of God. Jesus Christ is God himself. But more than that, He is a man as well. Both God and man combined in the one single person of Jesus Christ. And He is the single reason that we are even able to be saved in the first place

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End Of Lesson

Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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