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Independence Day

July 4, 2008




Earlier in our study of Job, we mentioned that God created and maintained reservoirs of wealth and resources for mans use throughout his existence on this earth, throughout history.


The obvious reservoirs of resources are oil, iron-ore, timber, plants, animals, the resources contained within the oceans, various components of wealth bestowed in the hands of certain individuals in history, the roles of certain individuals in history with respect to their impact on history and freedom, and so forth.


But the most important reservoir of resources of all, is Bible doctrine.


From the time of Adam, to the time of Noah. From time of Noah, to the time Moses, God placed in the hands and minds of men, His repository of Holy Scriptures, for the delineation and inculcation of the human race with respect to God, the Savior, and the spiritual life.


With the Exodus, this repository became the responsibility of a nation. The first nation was that of Israel. And that responsibility continued until the fall of the Northern Kingdom in the early 700's B.C. and then the Southern Kingdom which declined in the late 500's B.C.


With their fall, Gods storehouse of doctrine was maintained by those who were faithful, but had been disbursed throughout the Babylon Empire, which later was replaced by the Persian Empire.


Once the Israelites began to return from captivity, from Persia, then the nation of Judah, once again became the repository of scripture until it was finally destroyed by Rome in 70 A.D.


In the latter part of the first century A.D., the Roman Empire became the first non-Jewish nation, since the time of Moses, to carry the responsibility of maintaining and disseminating the scriptures to humanity.


In every generation throughout history, there has been a repository of scripture within a certain nation.


Following Rome, came the Ireland of Patrick, the Frankish Kingdom, Switzerland in the time of Zwingli and Calvin, Scotland during the time of Knox, France after the Edict of Nantes, Sweden under Adolphus, Prussia with the migration of the Huguenots, and England with their worldwide spreading of the gospel in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.


Today, we celebrate our Independence Day and the birth, of what is the current repository of Bible doctrine for the world. Centered between two great oceans, the United States has enjoyed a heritage of freedom, liberty, and prosperity, as no nation has ever before in history, founded in Gods Word.


Although there may be current signs of spiritual decline, there has never been a time in history when there has not been a place where Bible doctrine was not maintained for all who want to learn about God, Christ, doctrine and their spiritual life.


Perhaps the Internet will be the next repository for doctrine, but no matter what the means of storage, their must always be individuals available to disseminate the scriptures to those who want to learn. As well as those individuals who are willing to support the maintenance of the scriptures, for all.


In every generation, the true and only minority of people, are those who surround themselves in doctrine for its support or dissemination, to the vast majority who has no part in these functions.


Independence Day comes to us courtesy of the grace of God, and through the sacrifice of the many people who have stood in the front lines of battle, forsaking all else, so that we all have an opportunity for a life free from the slavery intentions of those who promote evil throughout the world.


Count yourself among the few and the confident, that though you will never be recognized in this world, will one day be recognized by Christ when we all stand before Him.


The world recognizes those who promote worldly issues, in the absence of God.


In the spiritual life, God recognizes eternal issues which are intrinsic and true to freedom, to liberty, and to justice for all who come to Him.

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