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Job 20:6-7



6 Though his excellency [siy'] mount up [`alah] to the heavens [shamayim], and his head [ro'sh] reach [naga`] unto the clouds [`ab];

7 Yet he shall perish ['abad] for ever [netsach] like his own dung [gelel]: they which have seen [ra'ah] him shall say ['amar], Where ['ay] is he? KJV-Interlinear



6 'Though his loftiness reaches the heavens, And his head touches the clouds, 7 He perishes forever like his refuse; Those who have seen him will say, 'Where is he?' NASB



The words for 'excellency' and 'loftiness' imply arrogant views of ones self. The 'head' is a reference to ones self beliefs, attitudes of self accomplishment, self fulfillment, self importance, and so forth.


All of these combined, come after Zophars reference to mans possessions, to mans achievements, to mans wealth. These all place mans self success into view. Man does whatever he does, on his own, and God is not in view.


Such is the attitude of wickedness. Man over estimates himself, his abilities, his wisdom.


When a person does something, and does it well, then an air or pride begins to well up in his own mind. Confidence in ones abilities is one thing, but ascribing importance to ones self in areas outside of ones abilities is the beginning of ones arrogant downfall.


When man rejects Gods Word, which is the window to knowledge and the doorway to wisdom, then man proceeds through other windows and doors into regions of delusion. And that is when philosophies galore begin to crop up in history. When one view does not work, then another is invented, and that is how we have accumulated literally dozens of philosophies throughout history.


Below, at the end of this study, is a list of many of the philosophies I have found online. The list is there not so you can begin the study of each one, it is there to demonstrate mans inability to figure out truth through the invention of not just one or two philosophies, but literally dozens of them. I've included Christianity in the list because there are many groups out there in the world who have bastardized Christianity into weird, bizarre, or even popular fad style approaches to Christianity.


Zophar is right in stating that man, when given an inch in success, will presume that he knows everything.

But God gave man excrement to tame his attitude, and help us all to know our real place in this world.


One can say that the stench of mans wind rises exponentially with his philosophy. And it is that air which rises up to the clouds, not mans wisdom.


Philosophies are particular schools of thought, styles of thinking, or descriptions of theoretical ideas attributed to a particular group or culture.


I did a search online and listed below many of the philosophies, which I found. I am sure that this is not a complete list of all that might exist. I didn't count them, but I am guessing that there is nearly two-hundred in the list. If you know of other philosophies, please email them to me and I will be more than glad to add them to this list.


A Absolutism - Aesthetics - African philosophy - Agnosticism - Altruism - Anti-realism - Analytic philosophy - Ancient philosophy - Anomalous monism - Applied ethics - Aristotelianism - Atheism - Axiology


B Bioethics - Buddhist philosophy


C Charvaka - Chinese philosophy - Christian existentialism - Christian fundamentalism - Christian humanism - Christian philosophy - Collectivism - Compatibilism and incompatibilism - Computer ethics - Confirmation holism - Confucianism - Consequentialism - Conservatism - Continental philosophy - Critical rationalism - Cultural relativism - Cynicism - Czech philosophy


D Daoism- Danish philosophy - Deconstruction - Deductive reasoning - Deism - Defeatism - Democratic transhumanism - Deontology - Determinism - Digital philosophy - Dualism


E Eastern philosophy - Eliminative materialism - Emergent materialism - Empiricism - Environmental ethics - Epicureanism - Epiphenomenalism - Epistemology - Ethics - Experimental philosophy - Existentialism - Externalism


F Falsificationism - Fatalism - French materialism - Functionalism


G German idealism - German philosophy - Greek philosophy


H Hedonism - Hermeneutics - Heterophenomenology - Hindu philosophy - Holism - Humanism - Humanistic naturalism - Hasidism


I Idealism - Individualism - Indian philosophy - Indonesian philosophy - Induction / Inductionism - Innatism - Instrumentalism - Internalism - Intraphilism- Intuitionism - Irrealism - Islamic philosophy


J Jainism - Japanese philosophy - Jewish philosophy - Just war theory


K Kantianism - Korean philosophy


L Legalism - Liberalism - Libertarianism - Logic / Informal logic - Logical atomism - Logical positivism - Logicism


M Marxism - Materialism - Medieval philosophy - Mereological nihilism - Meta-philosophy - Metaphysics - Metaethics - Medieval philosophy - Modernism - Monism - Moral absolutism - Moral objectivism - Moral realism - Moral relativism - Moral skepticism


N Nazism - Naturalism - Neo-Hegelianism - Neo-Kantianism - Neoplatonism - Neo-Scholasticism - Neuroethics - New Wittgenstein - Neutral monism - Nihilism - Nominalism


O Objective idealism - Objectivism - Ontology - Optimism


P Pacifism - Pakistani philosophy - Pancritical rationalism - Panpsychism - Pantheism - Perennial philosophy - Perfectionism - Peripatetic - Personalism - Perspectivism - Pessimism - Phenomenalism - Phenomenology - Philosophical Satanism - Philosophy of art - Philosophy of action - Philosophy of biology - Philosophy of business - Philosophy of Common Sense - Philosophy of copyright - Philosophy of economics - Philosophy of education - Philosophy of history - Philosophy of language - Philosophy of law - Philosophy of mathematics - Philosophy of mind - Philosophy of nature - Philosophy of neuroscience - Philosophy of perception - Philosophy of physics - Philosophy of psychology - Philosophy of sex - Philosophy of science - Philosophy of social science - Philosophy of space and time - Philosophy of religion - Philosophy of war - Physicalism - Platonic realism - Platonism - Pluralism - Political philosophy - Positivism - Postanalytic philosophy - Post-structuralism - Posthumanism - Post-modernism - Pragmatism - Praxis school - Presentism - Process philosophy - Property dualism - Pseudophilosophy - Pyrrhonian skepticism - Pythagoreanism


R Rationalism - Realism - Reconstructivism - Reductionism - Reductive materialism - Reformational philosophy - Relativism - Religious humanism - Reliabilism - Romanticism - Russian philosophy


S Scholasticism - Secular humanism - Semantic holism - Singularitarianism - Skepticism - Social philosophy - Solipsism - Sophism - Stoicism - Structuralism - Subjective idealism - Subjectivism - Supervenience - Surrealism Synoptic philosophy


T Taoism - Teleology - Theism - Transcendentalism - Transhumanism - Type physicalism


U Utilitarian Bioethics - Utilitarianism


V Value-pluralism - Value theory - Verificationism - Virtue ethics - Vitalism


W Western philosophy


Z Zen Buddhism -

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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Daily Bible Study
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