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Matthew 17:7-9

Lesson # Matt. 17:7-9
Study Material - Matt. 17:7-9

You must be in fellowship prior to your Bible study, so that the spiritual information you receive can become a source, of blessing to your soul and produce spiritual growth.

Matt. 17:7-9

7 And [kai] Jesus [Iesous] came [proserchomai] and touched [haptomai] them [autos] , and [kai] said [epo] , Arise [egeiro] , and [kai] be [phobeo] not [me] afraid [phobeo] .
8 And [de] when they had lifted up [epairo] their [autos] eyes [ophthalmos] , they saw [eido] no man [oudeis] , save [ei me] Jesus [Iesous] only [monos] .
9 And [kai] as they [autos] came down [katabaino] from [apo] the mountain [oros] , Jesus [Iesous] charged [entellomai] them [autos] , saying [lego] , Tell [epo] the vision [horama] to no man [medeis] , until [heos] [hos] the Son [huios] of man [anthropos] be risen again [anistemi] from [ek] the dead [nekros] . KJV-Interlinear

Matt. 17:7-9

7 And Jesus came to them and touched them and said, 'Arise, and do not be afraid.' 8 And lifting up their eyes, they saw no one, except Jesus Himself alone. 9 And as they were coming down from the mountain, Jesus commanded them, saying, 'Tell the vision to no one until the Son of Man has risen from the dead.'

The Father is gone, the Old Testament prophets are gone, the Law (its reference) is gone. And what remains? Jesus Christ.

Peter and the two, are face down and in terror. Jesus is the one who reaches out to man and calms any and all fears. When we comply with the truth then there is nothing to fear. It is only when we defy the truth, then we should have something to worry about.

Too often people who ignore God, for whatever reason, do not fear the lie that they pursue. The lie is of course interpreting ones life or history in a manner in which it is not. Any exclusion of God and Christ is just that - a lie.

We do not have direct access to God (the Father) who is the one true God. We have already studied this. Our access to God is through Jesus Christ, whom we refer to as the Son of God. Jesus is God. Don't misunderstand, but God has a policy for making His plan in history work. This plan sees God doing all of the work of salvation and the spiritual life, and man being only the recipient of that work. Any alternate plan by man of angel (Satan) is rejected. Man cannot advance to Gods level of perfection on mans own energy.

This is the flaw of Judaism which recognizes God, but rejects Christ, seeking their own effort in gaining Gods approval.

This is the flaw of Islam which recognizes an alternate god, and an alternate 'prophet', and an alternate paradise which promises to satisfy certain desires of lust exclusive to men only and women are mere servants of man.

This is the flaw of Buddhism which is the opposite of Islam (or rather Islam is the opposite of Buddhism since Islam came into being in the early 600's A.D., about 1100 years after Buddhism). Buddhism simply ignores God and prophets and desires, and attempts to advance to higher levels of enlightenment (while purge the lustful desires from ones essence) and eventually rise (through various stages of reincarnation) to the peak or highest level which is sort of a god like plane called 'nirvana.' To Buddhists there is no heaven, not hell, just a high level of peace within ones self (eventually). They reject God. They reject the soul. They reject the sin nature of man.

This leaves Hinduism, which is the oldest of the false religions. Our belief is the oldest of course since we believe in God through Jesus Christ who has lived forever and introduced Himself to man through Adam and Eve. As for Hinduism. This religion recognizes God, but sees man as a part of God, kind of like the drops of water in the ocean. God being the ocean. The objective is to reincarnate over and over again into a better life, and through meditation eventually becoming absorbed into God. This reject Christ, but recognizes mans is sinful. However man can overcome his own flaws through meditation and such and needs non one to pay ones own price for ones bad ways.

So you can see that through history as God made a promise to Adam for a savior, that Hinduism was invented rejecting the need for a savior. The next Buddhism was invented rejecting god altogether. Man is ore or less alone and just has to become one with his environment. Then Judaism became a transformation of Gods written law and prophecy, into a myriad of human regulations and traditions. Then finally Islam was invented in the early 600's A.D. to fulfill the desires of those who would think of themselves as 'chosen' - a direct contradiction of Israel as being the 'chosen' of God.

Of course through it all we find many gods and goddesses, idols and shrines which man looked to for answers to the fulfillment of their various political or lustful self indulgences.

Jesus Christ stands alone now with the disciples, and he reiterates again with them the need for silence regarding this Transfiguration. It was for their eyes only, for the moment, to reinforce their faith. That reinforcement would still be a long time in coming, but all of the ingredients of their experiences would finally gel after the Cross and after Pentecost. Anyone else who hears of it would either not believe it anyway, or they would want to form an army to overthrow Jerusalem and Rome. In that case Jesus' mission of the Cross would be defeated. Jesus' primary reason and sole purpose for the First Advent was to go to the Cross. Accomplishing salvation for mankind was paramount. His eventual battle for His kingdom was to come later at the Second Advent.

Spiritual growth and faith does not come immediately. The spiritual life is not something that you can go to school and acquire in a semester. It is not something that you can acquire by simply reading through the Bible once or twice and then you have it all. Spiritual growth and faith comes through a cycle or circle of wisdom that occurs inside the sphere of fellowship. And we have come to know this process as listening, learning, understanding, applying to our daily lives, and then doing it all over again and again throughout our lives. Eventually we grow up. Eventually we fulfill all our responsibilities expected of us by God, but it is His Word in us, that accomplishes it all, not from our own energy. No boasting allowed.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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