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Witch is Dead


This past week is one of the more historically significant weeks in recent memory.

On the one hand, a royal wedding took place in England, and on the other hand justice was served as one of the more evil people (Laden) in our world was trapped and killed.

If you are not familiar with either, then you are indeed out of touch with contemporary events. One of the more responsible things that we all have, is the responsibility to stay in touch with current events.

Far too many folks would rather listen to popular music and pursue their social activities than follow the news of our day. This pursuit keeps them out of touch and certainly uninformed. And when a person is uninformed they cannot possibly make reasonable decisions.

Whether you view your life for things that concern only you, or whether you view life on a world scale, nothing in life, whether large of small, happens by accident.

On a personal level, everything that occurs in your life, happens as a guide to help teach you from where you came, or to where you are going in life. All of the little things come together to make up your life, and if you are at all in tuned to your own life, then you learn and grow.

On a world scale, we can also learn about Gods plan for humanity and for history.

A royal wedding occurred with much pomp and fanfare, music and words of wisdom.

A criminal was brought to justice with a brilliantly planned and executed attach under the veil of darkness.

The royals were married with respect and happiness.

The criminal died with no respect, and is destined to much sorrow.

The royals went to a celebration and then to their home in a castle.

The criminal went out will no celebration and to his next home in the dark depths of the ocean.

The royals will continue to be heard from. The criminal will be lost to history and forgotten.

At the wedding people cheered with good wishes and happiness.

At his funeral, there were no cheers, no wishes, but spontaneous celebrations around the world celebrating his death and removal from this world.

One day in the future, Satan will be cast into the Lake of Fire and the celebrations will be spontaneous and phenomenal at his removal.

One day, we will all have our wedding feast and celebration in heaven with Christ, and our celebration will never end.


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