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This study is from an on going online Daily Bible Study at:
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How to Prepare for this Bible Study

This Bible study is an in depth and detailed study of the Word of God. Its purpose is to instruct you to such an extent that you will master the content of the Bible, and become independent from the fog of this world.

This is not an entertainment site.

This is not a devotional site.

Life is extremely serious because your entire eternal future depends on what you do now.

Therefore, if you are willing, if you are committed, if you really want to get the most out of life, and if you want to have a major say in how your next life will be, then please join me in this daily study, and stay with it everyday of your life.

You should approach this study prepared with some basic material:

A bible. King James is good, but most folks like NASB or the ESV versions.

A binder for your study pages and notes for each book of the Bible that we study. The study is extensive. You will accumulate over a thousand pages of notes during any given year.

A binder for your charts and maps for easy access.

A three hole punch would be handy.

Twitter Go to my twitter site and sign up to receive notices, schedules, interruptions, etc. regarding the study.

Set aside some time each and every day for your studies.

Get familiar with the web site. Maneuver through the menus so you can find things quickly.

Select from a current study or from a study that has already been completed.

Print off the study for each day, or copy and print it in something like Notepad, whatever best suits you.

Printing suggestions:
Select the study text that you want to print (do this first);
On the browser tool bar, select print preview;
On the print review screen, change 'as laid out on screen' to 'as selected on screen';
Adjust the margins if you wish;
Then print it.

Punch three holes in your paper and insert it into your binder.

Read the verse in your Bible or at the top of the study, and read the study.

Make notes in the right margin, re-write lines or phrases, write down questions. This will help you to learn and to retain the information.

Create an index of key words at the back of your binder to help you find related studies or verses quickly.

Place tabs, if you are so inclined, at intervals of perhaps every ten studies or at chapter breaks to help you organize your binder.

Create a list of verses to memorize. And try to memorize a verse every week. Remember, this is a lifetime commitment, so rushing is not on the table. Bible study is a day by day, verse by verse approach that will elevate your understanding to beyond your wildest dreams.

If you wish to receive the daily studies via e-mail, then there are two Subscription Options available. Consider signing up on one of them.
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Keep in the Word, Isa. 41:10. Enter this in your list of memory verses.

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