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Dedicated to Bringing Christ, and Instruction in Christian Doctrine, to the World
Non-denominational Christian Daily Bible Study
This study is supported only by myself, John, and those who believe in the study and donate to support and promote it.


"The Bible is the window through which you may see truth,
the door through which you may live it."

The purpose of this study, is not to entertain you, but to provide an objective, and independent study of the Word of God, each and every day.

In this world, you will be nothing more than one among many cattle for the slaughter. In Christ, you become unique and a most important and valuable person, in Gods eyes.

This Bible Study is read daily by people, in 115 languages,
located in 198 countries/territories around the world.
(source Google analytics - Jan. 15, 2013)

Current Study Schedule
Sunday - Psalms
Monday - Isaiah
Tuesday - Isaiah
Wednesday - Isaiah
Thursday - Romans
Friday - Romans
Saturday - Psalms
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